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About us

We are a nursery with more than 50 years of experience in the sector; Tradition inherited from father to son for three generations, where our sole objective has been and is to help the farmer to make the most of his farms.

We are at the service of the client and offer professional and personalized advice on plantations and everything related to the sector, from information on new varieties to applicable cultivation techniques.

Product families

Almond trees

We work with GF-677, GXN and Franco patterns
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The rootstock (pattern or foot), is the plant on which a graft is made.
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Apricot trees

We work with the latest varieties on the market.
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Peach trees

Fruit trees such as peach trees are part of our history.
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Olive wood

Our olive varieties are among the most demanded in the market.
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Pear trees

We have many varieties of pear trees.
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Our work for decades, as producers of almond and fruit trees, has led us to acquire great experience in the nursery sector, so that we offer our clients the best quality and service in our products.

We offer you advice regarding varieties, grafts, plantations and other doubts that may arise to the farmer; extending our services, before, during and after the sale.




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Ctra. de Granada, 40, 30412 Barranda
Caravaca de la Cruz (Murcia)